Posted by: nmontague | June 5, 2010

Why Virtue?

I’m relatively new to the world of blogging. So I figured that the best place to start would be why I am focusing this blog¬†on Virtue and other uplifting exercises. So here is a brief explanation of why:

I’m the type of man who likes knowing what is going on in the world around me. I keep up on a lot of current events so I have basic knowledge of what’s going on and the problems a lot of people are suffering through. I am also a criminal defense attorney so I see corruption at a high degree, whether it’s because of the prisoners I mean, or even the public officials and attorneys in the Court who have questionable ethics and are what I would term: corrupt. (I’ll go on more in another post about what I mean by¬†corruption).

And then there are people who feel helpless. They want help, but they look around for people to help them. Some people suggest that the only way to help them is through government intervention, but no matter how much the government spends or intervenes, people seem to be even worse than before.

So I see all these things, and I wonder what I can possibly do to change anything. What I noticed was that alot of problems in society and issues with corruption occur because we are not honest with ourselves, with our families, and with others. So I thought maybe I could write a book on what I’ve seen and some ideas to help people be more honest.

As I did some research into it, I began to realize how short sighted I was at just looking at honesty when society suffers from a lack of many virtues and not just one. I became familiar with Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. And I thought maybe I could expand from just a book to more somehow.

I am a man of faith. And I will mention God in my blogs because I think He is an important part of reaching our full potential when it comes to Virtue. However, I also believe that the principles I will be discussing over time will be useful to everyone whether they have a belief in God or not. So I hope you will have an open mind and consider some of the exercises and virtues we talk about.

I believe that virtue empowers individuals to do things to a great capacity than they currently have. And that is what I want to focus on: Empowering Individuals. Every society is only a collection of individuals. and If we aren’t helping individuals, we aren’t helping anyone.

I don’t know that if everyone will listen or care or apply these things I find. I am not doing it just to help others, but in order to help myself as well. I don’t live perfectly. I have areas I want to grow it too. I just hope that maybe I can find a few people who are willing to grow with me and see what their own potential can be. Maybe you can share some ideas with me too.

I also hope that I can improve this blog as I learn and figure things out.


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