Posted by: nmontague | June 25, 2010

Being prepared for what may come

I spent most of yesterday offline because of a 15 minute storm that went over the area. This storm knocked out power to about 4am. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t handle it that well. I can live without the computer and without lights. But living with fans and airconditioners is just not something I can deal with well. I realized I am very spoiled.

However, the experience has gotten me thinking alittle. What happens if the power goes out for longer than 12 hours? What happens if it goes out for weeks, or if it never comes back on? How will I survive?

Have we gotten so dependent on technology that we will not survive without it? I am afraid some of us might be there. And I am honestly not sure if I am someone who could survive or not. But I sure as heck want to be!

I mean look at what happened to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They are still rebuilding the city! And it’s been almost 5 years! It’s not just Natural disasters we need to worry about. What about economic diasters? People get laid off all the time. What’s to stop it from being one us? The Oil spill may have some serious long term consequences on our oil and gas supplies. And like it or not, alternative energy solutions just aren’t that functional yet. What happens when people can no longer afford gas or oil? Are we prepared to live without electricity if it comes to that? My guess is no.

What happens if someone in our family dies? Are we living at the edge of our income to the point where if there is a major change, we will collapse financially? Too many people are. How much credit card debt do we have? How much is our mortgage? Or any other debts? It’s not good that we should be so indebt as individuals and a society. Because someday the debts get called in. It limits our ability to use our resources the way we need to at the time of greatest need.

What will you do for food if fast food resturants close because they can’t get supplies? How will you get food if Grocery stores are empty because truckers don’t have the fuel they need to get food to the stores? Or if the food spoils because we don’t have electricity to preserve the refridgeration?

This isn’t right. We need to be better prepared. And I am completely ashamed about how unprepared I am.

I don’t think this is something we can do alone though. We need family plans. We need to be close to those in our neighborhood so we can all rely on each other in emergency situations. We need to be close to those in our Churches. We need to develop skills that will help us survive as local communities. We need to develop skills that will help ourselves and our communities.

Some useful skills might be:

1) General First Aid knowledge

2) How to cook without electricity and gas

3) How to obtain and process food without electricity and gas

4) Where to find clean water supplies if the supply gets disrupted.

We atleast need some sort of family plan to deal with situations like this. We need to know how to survive. And the best way we can  is by educating ourself to do so.



  1. Always plan- and always plan for a plan when that first plan fails!

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