Posted by: nmontague | June 26, 2010

Power to the People

I’ve been wanting to write something all morning and I’m pondering what would be the best thing to write about day. Maybe I should share some of my vision of the potential I see.  We haven’t even begun to touch the limits of human potential. Yet, we squandor much of what we have on mundane and pointless things. We feed addictions instead of freeing our minds. We keep ourselves with pointless games instead of working hard to establish better lives for ourselves and sharing our knowledge with others. We give into the corruption in our life and wonder why it is “the system is broken”.

As I’ve said before, I am not going to be partisan. But for the sake of honesty, I will tell you that I am a conservative leaning Republican. I am a Latter-day Saint. I consider myself a disciple of Jesus Christ, though I know I fall short far too often. I believe in the Constitution of our nation and the principles of freedom and self governance that it applies.

Now, I’ve always had issues with Senator John McCain. He isn’t the worst politician, but I think he is a politician to the core. Back in 2000-2002, when he was pushing for his Campaign Finance Reform bill, he would often say “We go to Washington with ideals and the system corrupts us. That’s why we need CFR.” (I’m paraphrasing). This always drove me crazy. Because as you know in my other blog entries, it’s not the system that’s corrupt, it’s the people that corrupt the system. A system could have absolutely no checks and balances, but if the people were honest, upright, and carried out their duties with exactness, there would be no corruption whatsoever. By blaming the system, it’s a way for people, and more than likely politicians, to excuse there corrupt behavior.

Back to McCain’s statements, I was always bothered by this because they are corrupt (because of the system, supposedly), and yet we are supposed to trust these corrupt policitians to fix the system to our benefit? It’s like asking the foxes to fix the gate to the hen house. Why on earth should we trust them to fix the problems they are creating in the system? Why would they? It’s just an excuse to grab power and be more corrupt.

This is why I am confident that the only true reform in society can come from the individuals within it. If we wait around for politicians or government to fix our problems, we will be waiting a long time. We can’t wait for government. We expect our parents to bail us out (You’d be surprise how many people want this). We have to learn how to exercise power in our own lives. We have to accept the power we have and deal with it’s consequences even if it’s unpleasant and we are afraid.  And all of us do have power. We have power to change our lives with every choice we make. Often with the little ones even more than the big ones. The question is do we accept this power and the responsibility that comes with it? Because as Spiderman’s uncle always says “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”.

Many of us want to exercise the power without being responsible for it. We cannot. We have to be honest with ourselves and those around us and accept our responsibilities as individuals in society. We have to uproot corruption from our life. Because as we do these things, we will gain more power and we will be happier because we won’t be victims. We will choose not to be. We won’t be disappointed or blaming others because our lives aren’t the way they turned out. Life isn’t something we can be passive about. We have to be active, no matter how tough it might be or how afraid we might be.

I said I would share my vision. Every individuals learning to be responsible and make choices that better themselves and the world around them. I see a day when everyone embrace the power they have and exercise it responsibly. We will stop being corrupt and come to know God. We will take control of their lives be recognizing what we can do and doing it. We will lift one another. We will lift and love our families.

This has to be done without force or legislation. We cannot enforce these principles by the sword. They can only be embraced through our own choices as individuals. If we want an honest society, we have to start it be being honest. If we want strong families, we have to start by strengthening our families. If we want people to be educated, we have to start by educating ourselves and teaching others how to be educated. This cannot be mandated by Congress or the UN or by the States. It is a choice we and only we can make. The change we want in the world will begin with ourselves and with those around us.

This is Zion. This is the pure of heart. A community of people united in the effort of individual growth. We need to accept our calling to lift ourselves and minister to those around us. We need to work hard and uproot corruption. We need to encourage individual power and growth. This is what mankind can ultimately grow to. But it has to be done without compulsion. Compulsion will destroy it.

Whatever your faith, live it. Whatever you believe is true, verify it’s truth and keep seeking the truth out. Whatever your problems in life, work hard to overcome them. Put effort into what you do. And it may be slow, but we will rise above our problems. We can’t expect life’s problems to go away if we ignore them or expect someone else to solve them. We have to do it ourselves. Join with me and make the committment to be the standard instead of a victim. I know we can do this if we accept the power we have as people.


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