Posted by: nmontague | June 29, 2010

The Power of One

Today is June 28th (for some reason the blog already says it’s the 29th, and while I enjoy my birthday, it’s still the 28th). In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated along with his wife by Gavrilo Princip. Everyone who lives has been effected by this action in some way, because it’s the event that triggered World War I, or as they called it, The War to End All Wars.

The amazing thing is, most people have no clue who Gavrilo Princip was. Most don’t even know that the event he caused triggered the war, yet here is one person who through his actions completely changed the dynamic of the world. Tens of Millions of people were killed. The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottomon Empire ceased to exist.

It ended the Victorian era in Great Britain. It devasted the German economy which eventually led to the rise of the Nazis. It was the impetous to the create the League of Nations, which was the forerunner for the United Nations.

It was World War I that caused Czarist Russia to fall into the hands of the Communist who were lead by Lenin. It’s the primary cause of much of the conflict in the Middle East. And the rise of the Japan in the Orient as a major nation.

How much change was caused by this one man who so few people know? Who can begin to calculate it, except for God Himself?

One man changed the world. In this case it caused intense pain and suffering. But think of how the world can change when individuals accept the true power they have to change the world positively around them.

Our decisions, choices, and actions have repercussions in the world around us. Princip’s choices had very clear consequences around the world. The repercussion of our choices and actions may not be as visible, but they are just as real as his were.

Society is made up of individuals. We are those individuals. We have the power to change our lives. We have the power to change the lives of those around us. In fact, we will change the lives around us, no matter what we choose. The question we all need to ask is whether our actions and choices will bless the world or whether they will destroy it.

And remember, our choices don’t just effect those around us now. Our children are effected by our choices. And the people who they affect. And the people who they affect. There is a ripple to everything we do. 

It’s amazing how much one person can effect those around them. We take it for granted. But we need to remember that everyone around us and everyone who comes after us will be effected by what we choose. One person can do incredible good in this world, or they can do incredible evil.

You can be the change you want in the world.



  1. Another great read…thanks Neil and keep at it!

  2. Good piece Neil. It gives me food for thought and encourages to try to be a blessing to others and to stay positive. God bless you Neil.

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