Posted by: nmontague | July 3, 2010

Preparing the mind and the heart

I was surfing the web and I found this article about some comments Senator Lindsey Graham made about the Tea Party movement. He stated:

“The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country,” Graham told the magazine, recounting his private meetings with members of the movement. “It will die out.”

I don’t agree with Senator Graham on many things, but I see where he might have a legitimate point here. Except, I am not sure the Tea Party is meant to be a long term and sustained movement to govern the country.  I see it more as a grass roots effort to reinvigorate the people into caring about the principles of the Constitution and limited government. And particularly focused on cutting taxes and cutting spending.

Now, I don’t consider myself a Tea Partier, though I will admit there are a number of principles that they advocate that I like. The ones that I just mentioned.  But honestly, I don’t expect this movement to produce politicians to govern me. And I think that’s where I disagree with them a bit. I don’t want politicians governing me. I want to govern myself.

A political movement is not what will save the country. Even if they do have some good principles. Movements can be very dangerous because if everyone in the movement is not at a mature level, things can get ugly very quickly. We need to use the time we have wisely and prepare ourselves what is to come. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether things are going to get tougher, it’s more of a question of when will they get tougher and will we be ready for them.

I don’t believe in making people afraid to get power. I do, however, believe in looking at the truth of the situation we are in. Let’s face it, things aren’t looking to optimistic. There are events happening around the world that could quickly create a chain of events that could lead us to some really dark places. If it was just one or two things, I don’t think I’d be that concerned. But its just several of them all at the same time that I’m concerned about. And please don’t say it will never happen, because as a student of history, I’ve seen it happen again and again. And ironically, it’s when people say “Oh it won’t happen to us” that it usually happens to them. (Personal note: I tend to think that the irony is a testiment that God is watching us. He seems to let our consequences catch up with us at very poetic times).

Like I said, I am not trying to make people afraid. Quite the opposite. I believe that we we are prepared, we will not fear. No matter what we face in life. What I am trying to challenge everyone to do is to prepare themselves the best way possible. Think outside the box and be ready and prepared for whatever happens. Because soon the time to prepare will be over, and we will need to be ready to act. We can’t prepare for ourselves in those last moments.

Start with the principles of Truth and Humility. We need to let go of our pride and be prepared to do things that we may consider unpleasant for a reason greater than ourselves. We need to be able to sacrifice our selfish desires for the greater good of our family. Or maybe even our community. We need to prepare ourselves by seeking the truth about the world around us and being honorable men and women. We need to be full of integrity.

We need to reach out to those around us. We need to be strong and strengthen others. We need to let go of our pride and let others strengthen us. No man is an island. No man stands alone. Be self sufficient to the best of our abilities, but we still need others. We weren’t meant to be alone.

We need to honestly determine who we are. And who we want to be. And then we need to determine steps to take to reach those standards and, here’s the tough part, do them.

I read an interesting blog the other day. It mentioned that perhaps we shouldn’t look at poverty by what people don’t have but in the terms of the problems they face. Because it seems that people with only one or two problems can focus on those problems and usually get to a better position. Those with countless problems seem to freeze and shut down. Which category do we fall in? And we need to start addressing the problems.

If we take care of the problems in our own life. The problems in the rest of society will manage themselves. It’s through the small things we do, that we can change the make up of the world. More importantly, it’s through the small decisions we make that often determine whether we will be happy or not.

Ponder this over. Pray about what you can do better in your life. And then do it. Prepare your minds and hearts for what is to come. And then you will be prepared to deal with it.



  1. Well said and well thought out. We are often so short-sighted in our thinking and our actions. We need to come to the table with an open mind of love and acceptance.

  2. I know there are many people who seem to think we are enemies in politics. I know I fall into that trap way to often. But really we aren’t. Most of us agree that things need to be done, we just disagree the methods we use. We disagree with the use of force v. the freely exercising our agency.

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