Posted by: nmontague | July 9, 2010

Labors in the Yard

I came home from work earlier today and my usual activities weren’t appealing to me as much as they normally do. I have a theory on why, but I’ll get to that later. So I decided to do some yard work.

I’ll admit it, I’m not good with manual labor. I’ve trained my mind, and I can think, but I am not good with yard work. It’s not something I enjoy doing, though oddly lately, I’ve been wanting to enjoy it. I want to know how to garden, and trim vines and plants. I want to know how to shape my life to make it enjoyable. I’m not wealthy, but sometimes I think I was a really spoiled poor kid. I didn’t really learn how to work hard as a kid and now I’ve been teaching myself how to do a lot of it. I feel like I am at a serious disadvantage because of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I work my butt hard when I’m at work. I try to keep myself busy. But when I am not “at work” I have no motivation to do things. I don’t think this is right. It has me thinking a lot about the way I manage my time and my abilities to grow. I think there are alot of people that act like I do. They work when they are working (or I hope they do), but the second they leave they job, they do nothing. It just doesn’t seem right. Because our job isn’t all the work in our life. Our jobs just help us pay the bills. But there should be something we should be able to do all sorts of work no matter what the circumstances. We can’t limit ourselves. Because times change and who knows what we will need to know in the future.

And I think what we labor for in our free time shows us what we really care about. Do we labor for our families? For more money? For ourselves? For God? For others? What?

I think our lives need to be balanced. We need to learn to work hard though. Because everything in life requires hard work. It might not all be manual labor. It might not all be unpleasant. In fact, working at our hobbies can be quite enjoyable. I think I want to learn yardwork because I think it will be much more enjoyable to be around a place that looks nice and feels nice to live in. It might be productive to eat food I grow instead of always buying something from the store. It will help me relax, which is kind of odd, because we don’t necessarily think of labor and work as something to relax you, but I think it can if you have the right attitude and you enjoy what you do and the results of what you do.

We live in a world where there is higher unemployment than ever. We need to make sure that even if we don’t have a job, we are still working. Because without work we will perish in self doubt and self misery. And we need to be proactive people. Not just waiting for a job to come along, but looking for work to do. Too many people are waiting for others to give them a job instead of creating it themselves. I think there are alot of people who sell themselves short in that.

I am being a bit more personal in this post than I usually am.  Honestly, I don’t think there is any point in writing if I can’t share part of me. But despite being personal, I have some challenges.


1) What are your goals and priorities in life? How much time are you laboring for them? Do 10 mins more today (or tomorrow if you’re going to bed right now).

2) What can you do to make your job more effective and enjoyable? Do it.

3) What can you do to teach your children to work? Do it.



  1. Wow! That hit home. I hope you mean it and stick with it

    • Oh the meaning it part is easy. The follow through is a bit challenging.

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