Posted by: nmontague | July 13, 2010

Radical Honesty

I’ve been reading Radical Honesty by Dr. Brad Blanton. I’ve spent the last month trying to read it. I basically have a like/tolerate/hate relationship with the book. Somedays I enjoy reading it. Other days I’m just trudging through it. Other days I just want to throw it across the room. And somedays I am totally indifferent.

What I like about the book is the encouragement to be honesty. Basically one of the premises is that people are so screwed up because they lie to themselves and to others much of their life. In order to live a freer life, we need to be brutally honest, no holds bar with ourselves and the people in our life. We should do this even if it’s painful in the short term because lying totally screws up our personalities.

I was actually reading a chapter on being honest about anger while I was waiting in Court. I’ve been struggling alot with my anger a lot lately. That may surprise some of you because I tend to be quiet and not voice it all the time. Oddly enough, much of the chapter made me angry because I could feel exactly what he was talking about. And the more I let myself feel the anger, the more I just wanted to let it all out, not in a negative way, but just by being honest about my feelings. I really feel like being honest is at the core a good principle. And I also think we tend to be alot less honest than we realize.

Now, I also have to say, I think a number of his ideas are total nonsense. He goes into some metaphysical stuff and clearly does not like religion and morality. Which I think is odd since he is teaching one of the fundamental morals in the world. And his idea that truth is all relative is bunk too. He is also very liberal politically, which becomes very obvious in some of his chapters. But I don’t mind that much.

My philosophy is to learn what you can from whatever the source. Everyone has some truth in what they say. And you can learn something for everyone if you listen. However, I know not everyone is able to handle divergent politics. I still would recommend it. It has some nice diamonds scattered in some not so nice stuff.

However, it does have some strong language sometimes. Beware of that as well.



  1. Expanding your mind to other possibilities is always a blessing, learning allows one to think for themselves and how can that be a bad thing!

  2. I am enjoying browsing through your writings and I appreciate that you are willing to learn from people who you do not always agree with. I have rarely met someone who is willing to admit this…most people are far too proud.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to have a link to this blog from mine so I can check on what you are writing more easily. Thx.

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