Posted by: nmontague | July 15, 2010

Being One

I’ve been pondering alot about unity today. What does it take to be a united people? What can we accomplish if we were united? At the Tower of Babel in Genesis, the Lord said nothing we imagined could be restrained from us if we were united. That was one of the reasons for the confounding of the languages. To prevent men from uniting in wickedness.

But if we are truly going to be one people, if we are going to be one as families, and as couples, we need to start by being one with ourselves instead of a conflicted being. We need our body, emotions, mind, and spirit all working as one. We have to see ourselves as we really are. If we do bad things, we need to accept and recognize that. If we do good things, we need to accept and recognize that.

I’ve been noticing personally that I have a struggle being one because my emotions are often out of balance. I want to be someone better than I am that I don’t actually let myself be who I am. I don’t let myself feel my emotions, my pains. I try to distract myself or think that my intentions are better than they really are.

The fact is if we want to be someway. we choose to be that way. If we aren’t that way, it’s because at some level, maybe even an unconscious level, we don’t want to make the change. We would prefer to do what we are currently doing. Until we accept that we would prefer our lives the way we are, we cannot chose to change because we are refusing to accept responsibility for our choices in the past.

I am still working on this process myself. It’s not easy in the least. But I think this is the process the scriptures teach us about recognizing our sinful state. It’s not enough to recognize that we are less than perfect and try to be better. We have to actually accept it. We have to embrace the imperfect choices we’ve made so we can eventually overcome them through the Atonement.  This process requires a lot of humility, in that we have to see ourselves as we really are and not who we see ourselves to be or want us to be.  It also requires honesty. We have to look at the truth of who we are and why we are the way we are. We have to take responsibility for our choices.

If we do these things, we will realize that we have alot more power in our lives than we realize. It’s impossible to change until we recognize who we are. The biggest obstacles besides pride is fear. Many people refuse to look at who they actually are because they are afraid that they will lose control over their lives. They are afraid to face some of the emotions they’ve been trying to avoid. Anger, shame, loneliness. etc. But until we can let ourselves feel these emotions, and put on a mask to pretend we are something other than what we truly are, our emotions will just boil up to the point where they can be destructive in our lives.

Pain isn’t fun. But it’s not a part of life we can avoid. If we do what we can to distract ourselves from it, then we are shutting ourselves off from a very important part of our lives. We are stopping our ability to grow, as long as we are pretending to be what we aren’t and ignore who we are and what we feel. We aren’t living life if we just avoid everything that goes on in it with amusements, games, work, etc.

It really is an interesting concept. One I’m learning quite a bit lately. It almost seems counterintuitive to understand that we can only really changeg by really being who we are and accepting who we are. Like I said, I’m only recently understanding this more fully and applying it in my life. But I am learning alot about myself and accepting alot about who I am. But until we are one whole and united person, we cannot be united with others. We need to be an integrated person


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