Posted by: nmontague | July 29, 2010

Pride comes before the Fall

The other day I started a thread at a political message board I frequent. I was pondering what was the motivation for them to post there. I like posting there because I like learning things, I like seeing what kind of arguments work, what don’t. I like exploring ideas and seeing what ideas people like and don’t like. I also am fascinated by human nature. I thought there might be some other people who thought the same way as I did.

I was wrong.

Not only was I wrong, I was dead wrong. Almost everyone was there because they wanted to show how they were better than the other people. It was all “I’m right, you’re wrong!” Some even had an attitude that people who disagreed with them were less than human. It’s all ego and pride. That really bothered me.

The never speak of Pride as a good thing. In fact, Pride is such a universal and dangerous sin that King Solomon warned:

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)
Pride leads people to destruction. Maybe not immediate destruction. But it lead’s to destruction. Is that really the path we want to go on?
I think the perfect illustration of this comes from the James Bond movie Goldeneye. There is a part at the end where one of the villians narrowly escapes death. He stands up and boldly proclaims “I am invincible!” Within 5 seconds, he gets killed.
I’m sure in the theatre that scene caused some cheers. It seems to be a universal desire to want to see haughty, stuck up, arrogant people fall from their pedastal. Yet, in real life pride can cost people lives and even their souls. We are quick to tear people down off their pedastal, but what about us on our own pedastal?
Pride is a sin that is easy to see in others, but difficult to see in ourselves. I am learning this the hard way as I deal with my own Pride. It’s not easy to let go of it. Many of us get our selfworth from our pride. We are afraid that if we let go of it, we will be walked all over. We will be worthless. But pride doesn’t give us self worth. It’s a deception and an illusion. That’s one of the major problems with it. We end up creating emnity between ourselves and others. We end up falsely exalting ourselves and degrading our fellow man.
I think there are too many of us who are proud. And this is not good. Because if we keep deceiving ourselves, we will eventually have to face reality and when we neglect reality, we usually have serious and harsh problems ahead to deal with.
We need to become a humble people. Despite our financial success, our fame, fortunes, popularity, position in society, we need to be a humble people or we will destroy ourselves and chances are we will destroy others with us. Particularly those closest to us.
1 ) Look at your life as it really is and accept responsibility for who you are. Pray to fix it and make changes where you need to.
2) Notice the times when you feel better and more important than others. Try to find a way to bless or serve that person instead.
3) Stop looking at people and judging them by the race, religion, creed, ethnicity, wealth or lack thereof, politics, etc. Try to learn something from everyone you meet.


  1. pride obviously prevents critical thinking in which one must be fair minded and consider both arguments fairly in light of the evidence.

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