Posted by: nmontague | August 27, 2010

Tomorrow’s Restoring Honor Rally

Tomorrow on 8/28/2010, Glenn Beck is hosting the Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial. I’m planning to head down there. There is some controversy over it. Hopefully everything will go well.

I am not much of a rally/protesting type guy. Honestly, I think much of it’s a waste of time. Why protest when you can actually work for whatever cause you have?  But I feel like this is one I need to see for myself. Especially with the ongoing theme of the blog I’ve been writing.

Honor, Integrity, the antithesis of corruption, whatever you want to call it is vitally important to every person on earth. So I am going to go support it. I just pray everything goes well and it actually does do some good.

I’ll give a report on what happened and what people said tomorrow when I get back.


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