Posted by: nmontague | August 30, 2010

A Day Restoring Honor

I don’t know what you think of Glenn Beck, but the man just pulled off a miracle. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. on Saturday. I stood in line at the Metro for an hour and a half to get to the event. And there were still thousands of people in line after I got on the metro.

I walked to the area between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument from the Smithsonian station. There were an insane amount of people there just getting off the metro. At the Washington Memorial there were tens of thousands on the lawn. They couldn’t get in front of the World War II memorial. They couldn’t hear much of what was being said. But they were there to add their support.

My Father and I tried to squeeze in in the back in front of the WW II memorial. We managed to get a spot because some of the people were trying to find someplace alittle less hot. The crowd was so close together that it was very hot. It was packed.

The message, which I think was the key, was not about politics. It wasn’t about President Obama. It wasn’t about Liberal or Conservative viewpoints. It wasn’t about Republican and Democrats. It was a Rally about Honor, Integrity, Faith in God, Hope, Charity. It was about changing the world by changing yourself with the help of God.

At one point hundreds of preaches of all faiths and religions stood together as a New Black Robe Regiment. A group of preachers who are trying to unite together as fellow human beings. With shared principles of honesty, faith, Integrity, hope, charity for one another. The power of the individual. And the Relationship between the Individual of God. The moment was powerful. It was a key point showing that man can’t change society just by manipulating laws and regulations. We have to change the heart. We have to lift people up and awaken them to what their heritage is. And now hundreds of preachers, rabbis, etc are standing together promising to recommit to the principles of Individual Redemption. It’s was amazing to do.

Even if only a fraction of those preachers go back and start preaching the principles espoused in the Rally, principles that are universal. Principles of individual empowerment, this world will change in drastic ways.

I stood there and saw men and women of all colors, faiths, political viewpoints join together for principles that are greater than politics. I don’t know if everyone realized the significance of it. Even if everyone who was there did. If everyone lived the principles of Faith, Hope, Charity in their personal lives. If everyone was honest and honorable, we would be completely different. We would see miracles.

I don’t care if you like Glenn Beck or not. This is bigger than him. It’s bigger than any one person. It’s bigger than politics. Listen to the message. Be open minded. Please just listen to the speech with an open heart. Apply the principles of honesty, integrity, Honor. Live Faith, Hope, and Charity. Do it. Be men and women who act instead of who are acted upon.

During the Rally, discussion went to the Israelites being in Bondage in Egypt. They cried out to God for deliverance. And of all the people God sends, He choses Moses. A man who is poor at speaking and whose only “weapon” was a stick.  God didn’t send in an opposing nations army. He didn’t send in tanks. He didn’t send the Marine Corp back in time to take out Pharoah and release the people. He sent a man with a stick.

Well, there are lot’s of sticks outside. Maybe we should go to God and pick up our own stick. Then see what happens. I am confident that if we have faith in God, if we find our purpose in our lives, if we stop looking for God to be on our side and start looking to be on God’s side, we will see a rising generation of men and women who will change the course of human history. We will see the full power of how self government can change the lives of people everywhere.

The Rally was amazing. Please if you haven’t, listen to it. The Spirit there was amazing. Turn to God, and then pick up your stick.



  1. I was going to leave a snarky comment, because this kind of post infuriates me.
    Let me just say, I disagree with you.

    • Thank you for not leaving a snarky comment. I’m not sure what you are infuriated with. I just posted what I saw and what I think about it. But you are more than free to disagree. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we can’t get along and have honest dialogue.

      I hope you have a fabulous day.

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