Posted by: nmontague | October 17, 2010

Preparing a people

I’ve been reading some more Gandhi: The Man, His people, and the Empire by Rajmohan Gandhi. Very interesting and detailed book. Probably the last book I’m going to read about Gandhi for a while. Mostly because it’s so detailed that anything else will just be rehashing what I’ve already read. I highly recommend it if you get a chance.

In Chapter 8: The Empire Challenged, I was reading about Gandhi’s efforts in the early 1920’s against the British Raj. He had everyone energized for non-cooperation with the British. He had Muslims and Hindus joint in efforts of non-cooperation and non-violence throughout India. In fact, they had planned a massive non-violent rebellion in Bardoli on Febuary 12, 1922. There were strong thoughts that this was going to cripple British control over India.

However, exactly a week before this in a place called Chaura Chauri a crowd of about 4,000 Hindus and Muslims surrounded a police unit and violence erupted. After receiving reports Gandhi knew he had to call off the rebellion. This stunned a lot of people. But he felt the rebellion could not succeed if everyone in India wasn’t prepared for non-violence. If they did manage to end British rule, they would simply be replacing it with the rule of other tyrants who would turn to violence to get their way.

He mourned that though the movement to end British rule had widespread support, the committment to be non-violence wasn’t very deep. Much of this he attributed to not preparing the people to self rule and to the principles of truth. The people weren’t ready at the time. So the people spent another two decades under British Rule.

Gandhi’s thoughts were that the people needed to learn to govern their own lives and passions before they would be free of Britain or anyone else. And I think there is some truth here. I think we as a people need to be purified. We need to have control over our passions. I am not talking about repressing feelings or pretending they aren’t there, but I mean facing them acknowledging them and making a choice to not act on them.

I don’t know exactly what we are preparing for. Which makes things more difficult. After all, how can we be prepared if we don’t know for what? But I am convinced that we need to be prepared for something in the near future. With the chaos in the world we need to find the order we are supposed to be in and work to restore ourselves to that order.

We need to eliminate anger in our lives. We need to eliminate lies. We need to eliminate fear. We need to eliminate pride. We need to eliminate the desire for money above all other things in life. Money is good, but we have a higher purpose in life than just making money. Especially if we do so at the expense of others. We need to eliminate laziness or ease. We need to learn to work.

There are other things we need to learn, but I think I am making my point. Look around at society. Do you like what is going on it? Do you like the Corruption? The fear? The anger? The violence? The lies? The immorality? The covetousness? If you do, well, maybe we need to have some deeper conversations. But if you don’t, then why aren’t you doing something about it?

And what do we do? We eliminate those qualities in our own life. If you are afraid of something, Steel yourself and face that fear in faith. Replace fear with faith. Act on a belief that things will be alright if you make a choice and stick to it.

If you want to eliminate corruption you have to start looking at your own life. Make a promise not to tell lies any longer. Not to yourself. Not to the people you love. Not to strangers. Keep your word. If you are avoiding something, stop avoiding it. The truth will set you free. If you have an addiction, admit it, Seek help for it. Flee Pornography, which is one of the most insideous and deceptive influences in the lives of so many people. It makes alot of people unable to feel geniune love toward others.

We need to start seeing others are human beings. Not objects to please us. Not things to make our life easier, but actual human beings. The best way to do that is by serving them. It means we might actually have to step out of our comfort zone. But we need to create a feeling of genuine love with our fellow man or mankind will be a bloody mess.

I think we need to be preparing for something. I am not entirely sure what yet. But God knows. And he will bless us if we start the process. We need to start living a life of purpose. We need to cleanse the inner vessel because the outter vessel is going to need us.


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