Posted by: nmontague | October 25, 2010

Let’s talk about something dirty

Politics. Yes, Let’s talk about politics.

In case you’ve been on Mars for the last 10 years in a cave with your eyes closed and your ears covered, you probably realize that we have an election coming up. In fact, it’s a week from tomorrow on November 2nd.

Obviously when politics come up, people can become very passionate. They can become bitter and divisive. That’s pretty much a given because of the nature of power potentially changing hands. And when people are convinced (and often rightly so) that they are being abused by government.

Pundits are predicting a shift in control from the Democrats to Republicans in the House. The Senate is up for grabs as well. This is clearly an important election to determine where our country is going. So go out and vote.

However, don’t expect Washington DC to change. Politicians will still be out for number one. there will still be alot of corruption that we need to battle. Change will not come through DC. Change will happen in our own lives. No matter who wins or loses the election, we need to be able to govern ourselves because tough times are coming and the government will not always be there to back people up. In fact, it may become huge obstacles in your path.

Change starts with us. When we change, the people we represent will naturally change as well. As we engage in our communities, we will cause ripples throughout the nation.

We can start a lifetime process of changing who we are and what we do. We can learn to govern ourselves through goal setting, prayer, making choices to better ourselves, learning, working hard and being thrifty with our time and money. We can start one step at a time and before we know it, we will have a better more fulfilling life than we ever could have imagined before. And we won’t have to rely on the grace of a politician to have that life.

Good luck everyone. Get out to vote and both pray and love your enemies.


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