Posted by: nmontague | October 27, 2010

Name calling

I am sure I’m not the only one to experience this. You are having a discussion with someone about a serious point. And then they start calling you or someone else a name as a way to somehow invalidate the other persons point of view and cut off debate.

Some of the popular ones I’ve seen used, particularly in politics include, racist, bigot, nazi, marxist, etc. And you know what, it may be true that they are one of those things. But how does calling them that in an effort to shut down debate and discredit them do anything? Let’s say someone is a racist. Would that them being a racist effect whether or not their viewpoint on business was correct? Would they be wrong if they said the earth revolves the sun? Would they be any less of a child of God who we should seek to persuade a better way?

This idea that by simply calling someone a name, even an accurate one, it some how makes them less human and unworthy to talk with, reach out to convert, etc. What I am saying is we need to reach out to people. We aren’t better than someone just because they hold an unpopular (and even absurd) position. We have an obligation to our fellow man to be their friend, to lift them up, to treat them with civility and be humble about our relationship with them.

I think alot of the problems we have in the world is that we won’t look at others as fellow human beings. They have significant worth, even if they are flawed. We are flawed too. In ways that arent always obvious to us.

Just try to actually look at someone else and talk with them. Try to understand why. Try to love them especially if you disagree with them. We need to start doing this more or our nation and world is in trouble.


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