Posted by: nmontague | November 7, 2010

Week In Review

I apologize for not posting more this week. I’ve had alot to deal with this past week. I was still recovering from the most recently illness. I spent most the day Tuesday at the Polls. I had a trial this week, and have just been pretty swamped in general. Needless to say writing hasn’t been the number 1 priority on my mind.

However, I wanted to provide some commentary about much of what I’ve seen this week. Republicans took the House this week. Along with alot of state legislative seats. Democrats remained in control of the Senate. Already I am seeing talk of the 2012 election. (Seriously, can’t we at least take a break from this 24/7 campaigning until the next year?) And yet despite all this, everything is really still just the same.

The government will be in gridlock. In fact, that might be the best place it can be right now. It’s too early to tell. But people haven’t changed. We still have corruption in government. Politicians will still seek power for themselves. Changing the party won’t change that. I still see people caught in pointless arguments between Rs and Ds. Unfortunately for us, the election can only provide superficial change.

A couple of years ago the Democrats ran a campaign against what they called “the Culture of corruption”. Problem is they got in and were just as corrupt. They did make one really good point the corruption is so ingrained in us it’s part of our culture. If we want to see real change, we have to change the culture. So how do we change the culture? By changing ourselves.

That seems to be what it comes down to doesn’t it? The only real change that can occur will happen in our hearts and minds. We need to let go of the corruption in our own life and surround ourselves with light and truth. Because those things will help us fight corruption. Light because it exposes the corruption. Truth, because it provides us with the standard we should be living our lives with.

In order to do any of this, we need to turn to God. He is the only one who has the power to change ourselves the way we need to be changed.

If we do this in our lives, the culture will change. Because culture is just the behaviors of individuals. We can change the dynamic of our culture through our actions. Or we can just let the culture catch us in it’s currents and be washed away to who knows where.

Which path do you want to walk?

Regardless, the current culture cannot continue indefinitely. We need to raise it or it will rot us from the inside.


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