Posted by: nmontague | December 17, 2010


I was having a discussion earlier and someone mentioned school prayer. I’ve always been a big fan of prayer in school (It’s how I passed many classes). And despite the Supreme Court rulings to the effect, I don’t see that the argument is strong for banning prayer in schools.

However, I think we have a more serious issue than lack of prayer in schools. That is the lack of prayer in homes. Individual prayer and family prayer. The government can’t outlaw this. And this is a much more serious issue than whether or not prayer is said in school.

Our society, unfortunately, appears to be held together by materialism, consumerism. We don’t have values in common as much as we used to.  I think much of this is because we have prayed less in our homes. There are even people who don’t know how to pray.

What is going to happen if we are suddenly all very poor? What happens if our economy goes into a depression? There will be conflict unless we turn to God because we won’t have all the many toys we play with in society to distract us. Differences will become very apparent and people will look for those differences to blame others for their troubles. It’s human nature. It’s happened throughout history. And quite often has lead to tragic results.

I think alot of our societies problems is because there is a growing part of our society that is spiritually dying. I know some might say that’s because prayer has been taken out of schools, but that doesn’t account for it. Too many individuals have lost their connection with the Divine. And while we can’t fix the Spiritual malaise the rest of the world is feeling. We can do what we can to build a firm foundation in our own lives. We can connect with God ourselves. We can attend Church. We can do service. We can get to know God for ourselves.

My family has always struggled a bit for family prayer. Quite frankly, we haven’t done it much until recently. I decided to see what I could to convince the family to do it and do it consistantly. We aren’t perfect. We don’t have long spiritual prayers. But Since we started to be consistant, things have been changing so much for the better. Our family relations are better. We are getting things done in ways I never dreamed of before.  I’ve really seen us unite. It’s been a very good experience for me and likewise my family.

I am hoping there will be even more changes in the future. But I am convinced in the power of praying as individuals and as families. I think that should be where we focus. Prayer in school would be great. But it’s our homes that need it the most. If you aren’t doing family prayer please do it. Try it out for a while. Be consistant. You will notice a difference.

Now there may be some who say, well I don’t live with family. Well, I hope you are still praying on your own. Pray with your roomates if you think that’s something you guys can do together. Our family may not necessarily be all blood relatives. The key is to look to God and to live.

There are many who want to share their faith. The best way to do it is by connecting with God and living it. I dont mean the typical “Be a good example” But when you are living your faith to such a degree, you will radiate. People will immediately recognize something is different and the honest and faithful will be drawn to you. It starts with prayer because that will be the key to connect you with God


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