Posted by: nmontague | January 7, 2011

Blessed are the poor in Spirit

At the beginning of the New Testament in the Book of Matthew, early in the ministry of our Savior Jesus Christ, is one of his most powerful sermons. The Sermon on the Mount. Parts of it are likewise mentioned in the Book of Luke. In the Book of Mormon, after the resurrected Savior appeared to the people there, one of the first things He taught them was the Sermon on the Mount.

The Sermon starts with the Beattitudes. The first of which is:

“Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Now it’s interesting how things seem to just come together sometimes. It was from reading Bonhoffer that I decided that I should be studying the Sermon on the Mount more. Let it influence my life more. And focus on coming closer to the Lord this year. I finished that yesterday. After returning it to the library, I went to the book store and found Glenn Beck and Dr. Keith Ablow’s new book The Seven: Seven Wonders that Will Change your Life. I finished it this afternoon.

Now you may be asking yourself, what the heck does this have to do with the Sermon on the Mount, specifically being poor in spirit. I’ll get to that. Others may be saying. “Glenn Beck! Eww!”  I will only respond, this is not a political book and I would hope that you would consider having an open mind. The book is interesting because Glenn provides the background of how he went from being a depressed, alcoholic drug abuser with sever emotional problems from his mother’s suicide to being happy with his life. Dr. Ablow discusses 7 principles from a psychiatric standpoint that can help others apply the same principles in their own life.

But as I was reading this book, I also happened to read the Sermon on the Mount that I quoted. “Blessed be the poor in Spirit”. I realized that that’s exactly what these two are trying to do in their book. They are trying to reach out to the poor in Spirit and point them in the direction of God. So God can help them find their place. So individuals can learn God’s will for them in their life.

I thought the timing of all this was very coincidental. Which is also rather amusing since the Book goes into details about how there are no coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. And I am really starting to believe that. I mean, I think I always did, but I’m not really sure it was a deeply ingrained belief.  But considering the “coincidences” I’ve had today, I am much more convinced.

I think there are many of us who are Poor of Spirit. I think I’ve been feeling that way alot lately. Facing my lowest points in life thus far. I’ve been realizing how important it is to be focusing on my relationship with God. That perhaps the reason Ive been so down is because I’ve been feeling a disconnect there that I’m not very happy with.

I am simply amazed at the Tender Mercies the Lord provides me to help me see what was in front of me the whole time and I just hadnt notice. If you have a chance, read the book. I am confident that you won’t regret it. And that things may be tough, but blessed are the poor in Spirit. God is there for you.


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