Posted by: nmontague | May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Laden – dead

I’m probably not the only person who was surprised to hear about Osama Bin Laden’s death on Sunday night. He has long been a threat to peace and safety to the world, not to mention individual liberty. However, there are a lot of odd circumstances surrounding his death, and I am concerned about the reaction by society at large.

There is no question that Bin Laden was a dangerous and wicked man. However, I can’t take joy in his death, no matter how justified it was. I don’t want evil people killed. I want them to repent and become good people. I don’t take joy or pleasure in seeing people meet their Maker unprepared to meet Him. And the fact that so many people are taking pleasure in it concerns me a lot.

I understand feeling relief he cannot perform more evil in the world. I understand the feelings of the victim’s families who are resting now that justice has been served. I am glad they can. But I cant help but mourn that we needed to kill someone for it to happen. That someone would give up their right and potential to do real good in the world and instead do evil during their days. But should we really be celebrating someone’s death? Aren’t we supposed to love our enemies as ourselves? Should we be reveling in the fact that our military had to kill someone or be praying that our hearts and the hearts of our enemies change so that our military doesn’t have to kill them?

It’s not only the reveling in the violence and celebrating of death that bothers me, It’s the boasting about it. There are so many people boasting about how awesome “we” are for bringing Bin Laden to justice. How nothing can stop us. This pride, hubris, boasting, whatever you want to call it, is very dangerous. I wasn’t really ever worried about Bin Laden succeeding in destroying our country because I believed as long as we remained a moral and upright people that we would have the protection of Divine Providence watching over us.

But now that Bin Laden is dead, I, ironically, am seriously concerned with the future of our nation in a way I haven’t before. When we turn away from God in such a way that we desire violence against our fellow man and boast in our own strength, we are leaving the protection of Divine Providence. Unless we let go of our pride and seek love for our fellow man, The Spirit of the Lord will withdrawl from us. Before we are aware we will be left to fight against the evils and trials in our lives without the assistance of Divine Providence. Does anyone honestly think we can turn away from God without destroying ourselves or subjecting ourselves to our enemies?

We may succeed at weakening and destroying ourselves where Osama Bin Laden failed. That choice is up to us though.

I am also alittle concerned about all the circumstances this went down. There are variants of the stories of what happened. Which one is true? Why was the body disposed of so quickly? How did they get DNA results so quickly and where did they get the DNA to compare the results to? Why are we getting multiple stories about how much the Pakistanis knew? Why is the administration debating whether to release photos now? Are they honestly expecting us to believe that no one brought up the question of showing photos during the months prior to the mission? And if they are only thinking about this now, how competant are our leaders? What about the leaked reports of Al Qaeda threatening to use a nuclear weapon of Bin Laden was killed? Is there any credibility to it? Is this something we should be concerned about?

I find there are lots of questions that are bothering me. I don’t know that there is some grant conspiracy going on here. But some of these things don’t make sense and I hate things not making sense. But there are three things I think we need to remember after all this, even if we never get answers to these questions:

1. We need Divine Providence to protect us if we expect a long future.

2. We turn away from that protecting influence if we are too busy boasting in our own strength.

3. We turn away from that protecting influence if we are celebrating death and being casual with matters of life and death.

If we are going to survive the times coming, we need to have a humble heart. We need to be able to love others, including people we may now consider our enemies. We need to stand in Holy place and Holy places are where Holy people are found. Some people might not like what I’ve said, but I can’t keep silent on something this concerning to me. Otherwise, my conscience would condemn me.



  1. Thank you for putting my feelings into words.

  2. Some interesting ideas, although I would disagree on some points. I don’t think we should revel in the fact that a child of God is dead; however, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good thing. I doubt that God would encourage you to stand by and love your enemy in the face of a someone violently attacking your family. Even Nephi was required to kill a man for a greater good. I think a righteous judgement was judged and I doubt that anyone will be condemned for not allowing bin Laden a chance to repent.

    Tragically, this event was immediately used for political gain. That said, you are right that we are forgetting where our power comes from. Interesting article – thanks to Kristen for the link!

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