Posted by: nmontague | May 25, 2011

A little venting

So I was surfing the web and reading some forums for discussion of recent news and I came across this article. A few weeks ago a 16 year old girl challenged Rep. Michelle Bachmann to a debate. Since then she claims she has been recieving threats, being mocked, being called a “whore”. Why? Because she had the audacity to speak out. I think this is completely messed up.

No one, especially not a 16 year old girl, should be attacked or criticized for being willing to engage in the political process. It doesn’t matter what your politics is, our freedom to speak freely is a gift and all people should be allowed to peaceably give their own viewpoint without concern for threats, personal attacks, or intimidation tactics. Freedom of speech only works if we are civil towards each other. We can disagree with what someone else says, but that doesn’t mean we should be mean, uncivil, or even worse, violent towards them.

Yet, not only are annonymous people threatening this girl, instead of people being mature and acting like adults and condemning it, I see people fighting over what party is more to blame for these ridiculous tactics. I mean What the heck?! People are seriously going to turn this into a reason to engage in partisan politics?! I mean don’t we have enough of these pointless disputes on issues that are actually important, but now people are going to argue over a girl getting threatened? Is it too much to ask to put aside the partisan bullcrap to condemn this type of behavior no matter what “side” is behind it?!

So far, it looks like I’m the only person on the thread who thinks that. I really have a hard time believing that I am the only person out there that feels that way. I know the anonymous nature of the web provides a platform for people to show their worst, to reveal who they really are inside. But I hope there are still people who won’t put up with this nonsense. Because if there aren’t, then I am seriously concerned with our future as a people. I know that a majority of our culture needs to significantly change who they are, be born again and put off this pride and contention. But I can’t imagine there aren’t people who already have.

If there are, please let me know. We need to network and bring about real change in this world. Or else things will get very messy. I suppose I need to be alittle more patient. But this lack of civility is just bothering me tonight.



  1. Wish I saw this earlier, and your not the only one that feels this way. Isn’t it funny that even on the Internet you don’t receive anyone’s true opinions. I think everyone that wishes to be heard confuses it with 15 minutes of fame. Therefore, the end result is a bunch of people randomly commenting based on their emotions instead of their own true knowledge process. It makes you want to scream, “Learn all your facts first people and then share what your logic processed in the end about it!”. Not only that, go out and live out all the gifts that were given to us as a people. We can all learn from each other that way and yes, in with a civilized manner. It’s unfortunate to see just how many people really dismiss our rights or in fact probably don’t even know our rights as an American. Oh, but no they can probably recite the whole album to a Lady Gaga (not a fan) song. Sad to see where our generation is going. Much sadder if we don’t take a stand on these issues.

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