Posted by: nmontague | June 28, 2011

The problem and potential of flash mobs

Flash mobs are becoming a problem in the news lately. A Flash mob is a group of people organized through telecommunications, social media, or viral emails who assemble suddenly to do something. Traditionally, this “something” has been an unusual or pointless act mostly for entertainment of those involved. It’s popular among the rising generation. Unfortunately, lately the news has been reportng about flash mobs that have gone from pointless to dangerous and just plain wrong.

Take this DC Flash mob for example. This is one example of Flash mobs turning to theft and looting. There have been reports elsewhere in the Country recently such as Las Vegas, Illinois, and Philadelphia. Basically large groups of people rush a store take what they want off the shelf and run out before the store has time to react. Because of the sheer numbers involved and the speed in which they are in and out it’s difficult to capture them. These mobs are costing businesses thousands in merchandise and damanges.

In Philadelphia, in particular Flash mobs are becoming violent. This is just random pointless violence. Random in where they show up. Random in when they show up. The randomness of it all is what makes it so difficult to stop.

So is that what is being taught to the rising generation. (I’m starting to feel like an old man with the way I talk). The fact kind of activity is quickly turning into a very visible sign of evil and corruption in our society. But does it have to be?

Perhaps, those who want to be good examples and shine a light on the good in society can use the flash mob to do it too. Why not react with Flash mobs of kindness? Flash mobs of service? use the same communication mediums to randomly do something good for your neighbors?

Or how about flash mobs of missionary work? You set up a time and send it around to get people to share the Gospel with a random person.

Or a flash mob of prayer. Where people can randomly gather together and start praying in public for those around them?

Evil is really good at organizing itself. It’s time those who want to do good do the same. It’s time to stop making excuses and take action.

Just a few thoughts for this evening.



  1. Evil is really good at organizing itself. It’s time those who want to do good do the same. It’s time to stop making excuses and take action.


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