Posted by: nmontague | June 30, 2011

Love those that hate you

I was catching up on what I missed the last two days and it looks like Glenn Beck and his family were harassed when they tried to watch a public movie in New York. You can find details about what happened here. Interestingly, one of the people who sat behind his family, Ms. Lindsey Piscitell, came out denying it. Unfortunately for her she also happened to be tweeting about the incident at the time. And before she had the opportunity to make her account private, her page was saved. To see what her page said, go here. To sum it up, her tweets don’t match up with her current story. In fact, someone responded to her suggesting that she and her group “”accidently” spill something on him” and/or “kick him in the mouth”. Which is why it’s safe to conclude that she is being less than honest about the bottle of wine being “accicdently” spilled on his wife or the attempts to kick him in the head.

Now this behavior is completely rude. It’s uncivil. And completely unnecessary. Why on earth should anyone harass/attack another person, and more importantly his family, simply for disagreeing about politics or some other idea? This makes so little sense to me. And covering it up by lying about it? Why?

Despite all this, Glenn wasn’t telling the story to make himself or his family look like victims. He was trying to teach his listeners these two principles:

1) Have courage to be who you are even when you are surounded by people who disagree and may even hate you.

2) Love those that hate you, even when it’s tough.

Unfortunately, I think this entire lesson was lost upon many of his viewers. Yes. Ms. Piscitell, her friends, and the other New Yorkers who acted this way were wrong. They were uncivil, rude, and full of emnity. But there is no reason to react back at her and them the same exact way. Glenn’s trying to show you that you need to love those that oppose you and even hate you and then you go out and hate what these people did to Glenn calling them all sorts of horrible things and saying all sorts of horrible things when Glenn hasn’t and is telling you to do the exact opposite with them and anyone else who may be like them. If Glenn and is family is working to love them, why should the rest of us who were not the targets of this be angry and full of hate? Shouldn’t we be joining with Glenn is saying prayers for them and loving them as ourselves?

I was reading Matthew 24 last week and one of the versus in particular hit me.

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

Now, I’ve always found it that verse interesting. It’s placed in the chapter where Christ is talking about Signs of when the Temple would be destroyed in 70AD and Signs of His Second Coming. Why is this significant for the Second coming? I’ve been pondering it a bit and I think I have one idea. Alot of people will perish because they have lost the ability to love. In order to get through the last days before Christ’s coming, those that are faithful will have to band together. They will have to rely on one another. That can only happen if we have love for one another. If we don’t band together, if we don’t love one another, then many, possibly even ourselves, will perish.

Christ has long taught us to love our enemies. He told us we need to turn the other cheek. In otherwords, that we need to love our fellow man so much that we would rather suffer violence be done to ourselves than to hurt them.

Glenn is a flawed man. He is the first to admit that. But what he is trying to teach us in loving those that hate us transcends any flaw he or us might have. We need to actually get the point he was trying to have us get instead of getting angry, and hating those that have harassed him. Love them.  Pray for them. Even if we don’t change them, we end up changing ourselves. And that’s just as important for us, for our families, and for the world at large.


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