Posted by: nmontague | February 25, 2016

Anger and wisdom

The exit polls in South Carolina and Nevada have been showing that respondents are angry at the establishment in Washington. So the overwhelming response has been to support Trump. I continually hear that his election will really show them and shake things up. Doesn’t matter that he completely stands against everything we say we want in government and promises to keep doing the things we say we are angry about. This doesn’t make  sense to me.

This reminds me of people who riot for a cause out of anger and will destroy and vandalize their neighborhood so that people will listen to their grievances. Or worse act our in violence toward their neighbors. These actions out of anger don’t make sense and why would they? We aren’t using wisdom when we act out of anger.

Think about it. Have you ever been happy making a choice when angry? Have you ever looked back on a decision made in anger and said “Wow, that was a really wise decision.”

Most of the time we have to apologize for the incredibly stupid things we do when we are angry. So do we want to base our decision for president based off of the anger we feel? Or should we make a decision based off of principle and character?

I read a quote from Brigham Young the other day:

“WHEN the Supreme Ruler of the universe wishes to destroy a nation, he takes away their wisdom in the first place, and they become insensible to their own interests, and they are filled with wrath; they give way to their anger, and thus lay the foundation of their own destruction. To him who seeks to save, he gives wisdom, which enables any people, nation, or individual to lay the foundation for strength, increase, and power. When we look abroad upon the nations, we can see this truth verified; and when we look at home in our own nation, it is no less verified. We see that wisdom is actually departing from the lawgiver, and the knowledge and the discretion the judge possessed years ago have vanished. We discern that the very policy adopted by the nations to fortify them in strength is calculated to sap their foundations. The axe is laid at the root of the tree, and all nations are filling up the cup of their guilt.”

And that’s what I see. Angry people voting against their interests rather than using wisdom. It has me concerned. It’s still early in the primary season. If you read this and you are going to vote soon, make sure it’s a decision not based on anger. Otherwise we are going to have some difficult times ahead.


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